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Cognitive Behavioral Associates of Chicago can help you:

  • feel less distressed, cope more effectively, and do the things that are most important to you. 
  • better manage issues like anxiety, OCD, stress, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain and medical conditions.
  • enhance your relationships, your health, and your quality of life.

The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook by Sara Dittoe Barrett, PhD

A Drug-Free Program to Build Healthy Habits & Achieve Restful Sleep

With The 4-Week Insomnia Workbook as your guide, you’ll learn the latest CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia) and mindfulness practices to get to the bottom of your sleepless nights. Throughout this program, you’ll tackle the thoughts and feelings that keep you up at night and establish a sleep-hygiene routine that works for you.

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What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (often pronounced ACT in the psychology world) is a cognitive-behavioral treatment based on scientific research about how the human mind works. The name of this therapy comes from a primary theme: learning how to accept those experiences that are out of your control and committing to changing what you can to make your life better. As the name suggests, this is a very active treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

CBT for Insomnia has been shown to be a very effective treatment for insomnia and consists of several different components. Treatment starts with an initial assessment to identify possible factors contributing to insomnia which often includes a sleep diary. After a full assessment, we will make a treatment plan together to help you attain your goals, which may include longer sleep, more restorative sleep, waking up less frequently, and feeling more rested during the day.

Cutting Edge Treatment for OCD: Exposure and Response Prevention from a Mindfulness and Compassion-based lens

You may have heard about cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which is a type of therapy that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. CBT helps people change problematic behavior and cope better with difficult thoughts and emotions. Exposure and response prevention (ERP) is a type of CBT that has been shown to be the most effective treatment for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, along with medication. Research indicates that about 7 out of 10 people with OCD will benefit from ERP and/or a class of medications called serotonin reuptake inhibitors (or SRIs).

Are You Self-Critical? Compassion-Focused Therapy Can Help

Many people have an internal voice that is harsh, rude, demanding and demeaning. Sometimes that voice has been around for years. Sometimes it’s been there since adolescence or even early childhood. Often people will acknowledge that they would never dream of speaking to a close friend (or even someone they dislike) the way they speak to themselves.

Therapist Spotlight: Carly Uebel, LSW

Carly is a Licensed Social Worker and psychotherapist with Cognitive Behavioral Associates of Chicago. She earned a Masters Degree in Social Work and Social Administration from the University of Chicago. Her clinical approach draws heavily from contextual behavioral therapies, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT),  Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) for OCD, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I). Carly is a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Sciences (ACBS) and the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF), where she also attends annual OCD conferences. Before Continue reading

About CBA Chicago

The mission of CBA Chicago is to help people experience full, satisfying, and healthy lives. Our clinicians are licensed clinical psychologists and therapists who specialize in anxiety disorders and OCD, depression, chronic pain and medical conditions, insomnia, stress management, and relationship issues.  If pain or distress is keeping life small, or you need more support to make healthy changes, we are here to help. 

Our approach is cognitive-behavioral with an emphasis on mindfulness and compassion. We value clinical excellence and want to build a strong therapeutic relationship. We use treatments like Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, Exposure and Response Prevention, Biofeedback, and CBT for Insomnia. Our treatments are evidence-based (backed by science) and flexible to fit your specific needs. 

The therapists at CBA Chicago want to make therapy as accessible as possible. We are in-network with BCBS PPO insurance and also offer some reduced-fee services for those who are in need. Some of our therapists have joined PSYPACT, which allows psychologists to provide telehealth services in other states. We enjoy working with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and consider race, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, ability status, religion, and spirituality as important aspects of an individual's identity.  We value relationship diversity. We strive to be anti-racist in our practice and policies and are LGBTQIA affirming.  We will work collaboratively with you to best support you and your individual goals.