What is Mindful Parenting? 

A simple definition of mindfulness is this: paying attention to the present-moment, on purpose, and without judgment. It is the opposite of being checked out or on autopilot. When we are mindful, we are tuned in. We are aware of what is happening around us and our own internal experiences, needs, and impulses. We are also more aware of what our children are experiencing. This makes it easier to pick up on subtle (or not so subtle) cues of how kids are feeling and what they need in the moment. As a mother of two, I know that parenting is stressful, difficult, and impossible to do perfectly. It can also be lots of fun, incredibly meaningful, and a huge opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself. Mindful parenting is not about finding “the one right way” to parent. Rather, it is about becoming more present and attuned to your needs and the needs of your child so that you can respond in helpful and effective ways. It often involves reducing self-criticism, becoming more patient, and practicing compassion for yourself and your child as you navigate the daily challenges of parenthood. A mindful approach to parenting also makes it easier to fully experience and soak up the small and big joys of raising children.

Becoming a Mindful Parent

I work with clients on an individual basis and offer a variety of classes and workshops on mindful parenting, mindfulness in pregnancy, and mindfulness for new mothers. I also partner with yoga instructors to offer dynamic classes that incorporate yoga for additional stress-relief. Please see the Events page for upcoming workshops.